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12 Hour Full Cure Epoxy Coatings & Linings
Many Epoxy coatings require as much as 7 days to fully cure.
NSP 120 & 122 High Performance Epoxies require just 12 hours!
That means you're back in business fast.
NSP Specialty Products offers a unique line of high performance, solvent free coating systems.
A 12-hour full cure, moisture tolerance and tenacious adhesion to many surfaces make NSP Coatings the ideal choice for projects on the fast track. Add long term protection, zero VOCs, ease of application and you have a complete package for demanding jobs.
Product Advantages
n 100% Solids content (no VOCs)
n Environmentally sound: no leads, chromates, or isocyanates
n Low odor
n Quick turnaround: full cure in 12 hours
@ 77 degrees F.
n Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
n NSP 120 is certifide to ANSI/NSF standard 61 for use as a protective barrier in potable water applications - tanks and pipes
n Excellent adhesion
n Tile like high gloss finish
n Easy to clean and maintain
n Easy to apply: brush, roll, or spray

Tank Lining - Steel or Concrete


Structural Steel

Decontamination Areas

Food & Beverage Processing

Water Storage - NSF Certifide

Pulp & Paper

Chemical Plants

Floors, Walls & Ceilings
-Penal Institutions
-Clean Rooms
-Airplane Hangars
Secondary Containment


Marine Installations

Power Generation

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Pipe Lining - Steel or Concrete

Swimming Pools

When considering an epoxy coating or lining ask yourself what's important to you
Do you have tight schedules to meet?
Would you like to complete your project over a weekend?
Do you need to apply over a damp surface?
Is taking a production area out of serivce out of the question for you?
Do you want a high build application in one coat?
Would you like a long term solution for problem areas?
Do you need expert help and advice on your specific application?
Would you like an environmetally friendly solution?
If these issues are important to you, you need NSP Specialty Products Coating and Linings for your next project