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Manufacturer's Representative for These Leading Companies
Rewitec Nanocoating Technologies
Wear resistant surface treatment at the molecular level.
Extend the Life of Gears and Motors
Reduce Energy Consumption
Unifuse Custom Plastics
Unique & proprietary vibrational molding process
Low cost tooling for small to medium sized requirements of custom parts, storage, and dunnage.
Highly durable plastic products.
Bins, totes, containers, trucks, and dollies

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
Hydraulic Nut Splitters
Flange Spreaders
Stud Pullers/Extractors
Hydraulic Stud Tensioners
Bundle Extractors
Direct Tension Indicators
Sub-sea Flange Pullers and Lifters

FASTORQ Bolting Systems
Phil Shames
Phone: 905-667-4104
Fax: 905-667-4105

12 Hour Full Cure Epoxy Coatings
Many Epoxy coatings require as much as 7 days to fully cure.
NSP 120 & 122 High Performance Epoxies require just 12 hours!
That means you're back in business fast.
NSP Specialty Products Epoxy Coatings offer many additional benefits:
- 100% Solids - No VOCs
- Environmentally Sound
- Easy Application
- Low Odor
- Moisture Tolerant
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Fastorq Bolting Systems
NSP Specialty Products Epoxy Coating and Lining
Unifuse Plastic Bins and Custom Plastics
Rewitec Nanocoating Technologies
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