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A chemical is a tool like any other in your shop. Well made ones will perform well, save you time, and last . Ultimately you will save both time and your nerves. Looking for the right product for your tough job? We have you covered with hundreds of products.
Here are some of our best sellers:
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Open & Shut Penetrating Fluid - The best nut & bolt loosener  you will find. Non-flammable, non-conductive, and has a voracious appetite for rust.

Prizm - Goes on thin like a penetrating oil, then sets up clear and thick so it won’t run off.  Gets into areas other lubes can’t and stays where you put it.  Contains PTFE for added  lubricity.

Persist -A grease that won’t pound out, resists high heat, and will not wash away. Persist is a proven performer. Available in cartridge, bulk, and aerosol.

Lubri-Temp - A multi-purpose, high-temp anti-seize, lubricant, and protectant.  Temp. range off -30  to 2200 degrees F.  Available in paste and aerosol.


Clout - Water based parts washer. No more toxic, damaging solvents. Clout excels at getting your parts clean while dramatically reducing your hazardous waste disposal costs.

Husky - A super-duty power wash concentrate for your tough jobs. Environmentally & people friendly, yet more powerful than most toxic solutions.

Keynote - The most versatile cleaner you will ever use. Highly concentrated. Use around the shop for general cleaning & degreasing, on the shop floor to clean up greasy spills, removes burnt-on carbon,  even brings harded paint brushes back to their old soft self. Non-toxic, non-corrosive,  and no phosphates.


Lawson High Solids Paint - So much pigment and resins in each can that one is equal to 2 ½ to 4 cans of competing paint. Dozens of colours available including fleet, heavy equipment, & rental equipment colours. High heat, zinc,  and stainless steel available too.

Cronatron Non-slip coating - An easy to apply, non-slip coating that makes your shop floor, decks, steps, and ramps much safer. Excelent adhesion to metal, concrete, and wood.

Odor Elimination

Nix Fresh - Nix does not cover odors. It digests them. Nix contains millions of good bacteria and love to eat the bad smelling bacteria. Just spray on even the worst organic smells and you will notice the difference quickly. Has a light, fresh scent
Great for garbage bins, pet cleanup, locker rooms, & even your teenager’s room.  Anywhere you need to “get the stink out”

Hitman - Hitman is a clear, odorless product that kills the bad smelling bacteria on contact. Because it has no scent, it is perfect for getting bad smells out of cars, trucks, hotel rooms, hospitals, and any area where a scented product is not desired.

Drain Maintenance

- Clogged drains can be more than a nuisance. The backup can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage. ClearLine quickly and safely dissolves the organic material and grease that is causing your pipes to back up. It has a fresh, light scent and is much safer to use than sulphuric acid based products.

Maxzyme - Maxzyme’s hundreds of millions of bacteria along with natural enzymes work to keep your pipes clear. It will reduce your greasetrap pump-outs by 60-80%.

Power Pills - Simply drop these little pucks into your greasetrap and say goodbye to your greasetrap pumpman. These little pucks are loaded with good bacteria that just love to eat grease. You will be pumping out much less often.
Property Maintenance
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